VEVOR Sausage Stuffer Filler Machine 3L Horizontal Meat Press Maker Stainless Steel

VEVOR Sausage Stuffer Filler Machine 3L Horizontal Meat Press Maker Stainless Steel

Features & Details
【COMPACT DESIGN】- This handheld blender is equipped with an extra-long (7.9-inch) 304 stainless steel shaft, enabling the deeper reaching into pots.
【STEPLESS VARIABLE SPEED】- Stepless speed regulation is adopted. The 220-watt high-quality motor allows the rotation speed to be adjusted from 4000 RPM to 20000 RPM for the efficient stirring of food.
【SPLASH-PROOF CUTTING HEAD】- The thickened blade facilitates the easy crushing of food material (a spare blade is included). The anti-splash design of the blade cover can keep you and your kitchen spotless.
【WALL-MOUNTING DESIGN】- An additional wall mount bracket is included, for convenient hanging of your stick hand blender, which is space-saving.
【HIGH SAFETY】- The switch of the hand blenders needs to be kept pressed to keep it in the work state. This design is to ensure the safety of the users during the preparation of food. When the switch is released, it stops working.

Key Features
Compact Structure
This hand immersion blender adopts a food-grade stainless steel stirring rod, featuring an easy-to-operate ON/OFF switch and speed control button.

Stepless Variable Speed
The hand blender has a 220-watt power motor, allowing the rotational speed to be adjusted from 4000 RPM to 20000 RPM.

Thickened 304 SUS Blade
The thickened blade, made of 304 stainless steel, can easily crush large objects. A spare blade of the same model is included for free.

Splash-Proof Design
The gear edge design not only prevents the food from splashing but also forms a circulation path inside and outside the blade cover.

Wall-Mounting Design
The package includes an extra wall mount bracket that you can hang the stick blender directly on the wall, so it doesn’t take up any space.

The hand blenders can be used for various kinds of food, including thick vegetables, soups, mashed potatoes, creams, almonds pulp, cheese, etc.

Commercial Immersion Blender
This high-performance immersion blender makes quick work of food-prep tasks, which can blend smoothies, puree soups, mix cake batter, chop nuts and meat, and more. All the parts attached to the food are made of 304 stainless steel, safe and sanitary. The extra-long shaft is designed for deeper reaching of the pots or bowl. The high rotation speed is perfect for commercial use.
Compact Design
Stepless Variable Speed
Splash-Proof Cutting Head
Wall-Mounting Design
Power: 220W
Rotation Speed: 4000-20000 RPM(adjustable)
Handle Size (LxW): 11.8”x4.4” (300x113mm)
Stirring Rod Size (Dia.xL): 1”x7.87” (φ25x200mm)
Stirring Rod Head Diameter: 2.8” (72mm)
Package Content
1 x Immersion Blender
1 x Spare Blade
1 x Wall Mounting Bracket

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