VEVOR Meat Bone Saw Machine Meat Cutting Machine Commercial 1500W For Cutting Bone

VEVOR Meat Bone Saw Machine Meat Cutting Machine Commercial 1500W For Cutting Bone

Commercial Bone Cutting Machine
This bone saw machine is specially designed for cutting freezing meat and bones into smaller pieces. The full stainless steel bone saw is exceptionally robust, reliable, safe, and easy to clean up. It is ideal for processing any meat, whether it is fresh or frozen. Our bone saw machine complies with international hygiene standards, widely used in butcher’s shops, guesthouses, hotels, food processing factories, and slaughterhouses.
Features & Details
【HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL】- This electric bone saw is built with all food-grade stainless steel material, with a brushed finish, ensuring strong durability, sturdiness, longevity, and easy cleaning. It is used not only for sawing the whole pig, sheep, cattle, and other livestock bones, but also for small pieces of frozen meat, pork, and fish cutting.
【LARGE WORKBENCH WITH SCALES】- The freestanding electric band saw comes with an upgraded big working table, 30.3”x27.4” (770×695 mm) in size, 0.1-inch (2.5 mm) in thickness, featuring precise thickness adjustment scales (0”-9.8”). The large push plate installed on the slide rail is suitable for large pieces of meat, and the small push board is perfect for small pieces of meat bones.
【HIGH-QUALITY BANDSAW BLADES】- The package list contains six high-quality saw blades (94.5” in length), sharp and stable, convenient for replacement. This bone sawing machine is equipped with a blade tightness adjustment knob, which can adjust the blade tension according to your needs.
【STRONG RELIABILITY & SAFETY】- This bone cutting saw adopts an emergency stop switch and an automatic power-off protection device (the machine will automatically stop when the protective cover is opened) for enhanced safety.
【HIGH-POWER COPPER MOTOR】- The powerful 1500-watt motor of the meat bone saw is built with pure copper material, with low noise, high efficiency, and excellent performance, providing a high blade rotating speed of 748-inch (19 m) per second.
Key Features

All Stainless Steel Material
The whole meat cutting saw is made of food-grade stainless steel, with a brushed surface, which is endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygiene standards, for easy cleaning.

Large Area Workbench
The food-grade stainless steel workbench is 30.3×27.4-Inch (770×695 mm) in size, providing sufficient cutting space. The precise scales (0-250 mm) are adopted for easy adjustment of the cutting thickness.

2 Sizes Pushing Boards
Two types of safety meat pushing boards are attached to the upgraded workbench, accommodating different sizes of meat and bones. The safety handle design is more convenient to apply force.

Excellent Saw Blades
The high-quality saw blade provides a firm and durable use. Except for the one that comes with the machine, there are five additional blades for replacement. A knob can adjust the tightness of the blades.

Reliable Safety Switch
It comes with an independent emergency stop button to ensure safety. It also features a built-in safety device, and the machine will automatically stop working when the outer protective cover is open.

Powerful Copper Motor
The pure-copper made coil ensures the motor run efficiently, stably, and safely, which provides a high blade rotation speed of 19 m/s, and makes cutting easy and effective.

Power: 1500 W
Workbench Size: 30.3”x27.4” (770×695 mm)
Saw Blade Length: 94.5” (2400 mm)
Cutting Thickness: 0”-9.8” (0-250 mm)
Product Weight: 202.8 lbs (92 kg)
Product Dimensions: 30.9”x29.5”x64.2” (785x750x1630 mm)
Package Content
1 x Bone Saw Machine
5 x Additional Saw Blades
1 x Wrench

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