VEVOR Magnetic Levitating Shoe Display Floating Shoe Display Magnetic 600g White

VEVOR Magnetic Levitating Shoe Display Floating Shoe Display Magnetic 600g White

Features & Details

【PREMIUM QUALITY】 – Built with thickened acrylic material, this magnetic floating shoe display is durable and long-lasting. It is corrosion-resistant and not easy to damage. The simple and fashionable appearance makes it match various environments.
【COLORFUL LED LIGHT】 – The floating shoe display is equipped with powerful LED light, providing seven colors to match different scenes. Its brilliant light increases the brightness of shoes or other suspended objects and enhance the display effect.
【AUTOMATIC ROTATION】 – With permanent levitation and 360-degree rotation, the levitating shoe display is made for displaying every angle and detail of your prized possession. It also has the automatic sorption function when off track or power failure.
【VARIABLE LEVITATING WEIGHT】 – This shoe floating display comes with a digital electronic ammeter to display the current and voltage and a potentiometer. You can slightly adjust the knob until the current is 0 to levitate different objects up to 600 g/1.32 lbs.
【WIDE APPLICATION】 – Our shoe levitation display is a perfect tool to showcase your favorite shoes and other possessions, which is easy to operate and occupies less space. It is suitable for shoe shop and walk-in closet, letting your sneaker shine in the air.
Key Features

Thickened Acrylic Material

The magnetic shoe display is made of high-quality acrylic material, 0.12”/3 mm thick, with high hardness and toughness, which can stand the test of time.

LED Light with Seven Colors

Our sneaker display stand has a built-in LED light with seven colors optional, operated by a remote controller. The brilliant light makes your shoe bright and attractive.

360-Degree Rotation

This levitation display adopts the electromagnetic current, suspension magnet, and built-in fan to levitate your sneaker and realize 360-degree rotation.

Adjustable Suspended Weight

The floating display stand can suspend items of different weights by slightly adjusting the knob clockwise or anticlockwise, up to 600 g/1.32 lbs.

Automatic Sorption Function

When a power failure or deviating from the track, the suspended object will automatically adsorb on the top of the magnetic levitation display to avoid falling.

Extensive Utilization

This sneaker stand is widely used in the shoe store, shopping mall, walk-in closet, show window, exhibition, and office to display goods and collectibles.

Magnetic Levitating Shoe Display
This shoe stand display is made from sturdy acrylic material with brilliant LED light, designed to display shoes or other objects. With the permanent levitation and 360-degree auto-rotation functions, the sneaker stand can showcase every inch of your prized possession and keep it in constant view. Our shoe display is equipped with an adjustable potentiometer, allowing variable suspended weights, up to 600 g/1.32 lbs.
Premium Quality
Colorful LED Light
Automatic Rotation
Variable Levitating Weight
Material: Acrylic
Light Source: 7-Color LED Light
Max Levitation Weight: 600 g/1.32 lbs
Levitation Distance: 13-20 mm/0.51”-0.79”
AC Adapter: 12V, 2000mA
Color: White
Size (L*W*H*T): 300x94x475x3 mm/11.8”x3.7”x18.7”x0.12”
Package Content
1 x Levitating Shoe Display
1 x Magnet
1 x Spacer Tool
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Adapter with Power Cord
1 x Manual

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