VEVOR Electric Rebar Bender Foot Switch #8 Pedal Included 1″ (25mm) Grade 60 Rebar Bending

VEVOR Electric Rebar Bender Foot Switch #8 Pedal Included 1" (25mm) Grade 60 Rebar Bending

This 1600 W rebar bender can save person-hours by offering excellent performance, bending rebar to 180 degrees within only 5 seconds, super ideal for builders, contractors, and manufacturers who require a simple to use consistently accurate rebar bending.
Features & Details 
【HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR】-This portable rebar bender comes with a copper coil motor, running quietly (low noise) and is only on while bending is in progress, preventing unnecessary wear. Besides, a copper motor can extend this rebar bender’s operating life to a large extent. Power Supply: 1600 W/14 A.
【ULTRA-FAST BENDING SPEED】-This portable rebar bender can offer excellent performance, helping save valuable person-hours by bending rebar up to #8/25 mm grade 60 from 0-180 degrees within only 5 seconds.
【ANGLE ADJUSTMENT KNOBS】-This electric rebar bender features two slide-type angle selectors, which can help you to bend any angle from 0-180 degrees accurately. Preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bending.
【EASY TO OPERATE & TRANSPORT】-With four handles on the corner, you can transport and operate effortlessly, and two-foot pedal control switch for your easy hand-free bending.
【WIDE APPLICATION】-This heavy-duty electric rebar bender is widely used in construction engineering for bending rebar, steel bar, steel rod, etc. 
Pure Copper Motor
Offering excellent performance with low noise, durable for your long-last use.
5-Second Bending Speed
It can bend up to 180 degrees within only 5 seconds.
Two Angle Selectors
Two slide-type angle selectors allow you to bend any angle from 0-180 degrees.
Effortless to Operate
Two standard foot pedal control switch for hands-free bending.
Compact & Portable
Compact size, with handles on its corner for you to transport and operate with ease.
Wide Application
Ideal for builders, contractors, manufacturers who require a simple to use, consistently accurate rebar bending machine.
Motor: 115-230 V / 60 Hz
Supply Power: 1600 W/14 A 
Bending Speed: 5 Seconds
Bending Degree: 0-180 º 
Machine Size: 450*500*440 mm(17 1/2”L x 20”W x 17 1/2”H)
Gross Weight: 109 kg (240 lbs)
Net Weight: 91 kg(200 lbs)
Package Content
1 × Rebar Bender Bending Machine
2 × Foot Pedals

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