VEVOR Auto Electronic Coin Cash Counting Machine Sorter for Shop Bank GBP

VEVOR Auto Electronic Coin Cash Counting Machine Sorter for Shop Bank GBP

Want to get rid of heavy money counting work and find help? This coin roller machine works fast and efficiently to sort and count coins, gives you a total amount, money sum, and coin value display on the LCD screen.
Features & Details
【AUTOMATICALLY COIN COUNTER】- Hopper Capacity: 1100 Coins; Each Coin’s Drawer Capacity: 120-450 Coins; Speed: 315-345 Coins/Min. Work with the new and old £1 coin.
【PRESET & ADD FUNCTION】- coin counting machine has a preset counting function; you can easily customize the batch of coins according to your needs. At the same time, it has an additional function: so that you can stop counting, so you can refill the hopper. After refilling, continue counting.
【DIGITALLY LCD DISPLAY】- LCD screen; When the coin counter machine works, the value of the coins counted and the number of each currency can be displayed on the screen.
【EASY TO USE】- The operation is simple, and the coin sorting speed is up to 315-345 units/min, with self-checking function, automatic reverse gear can help clear coin jams, fast and easy to operate.
【WIDE APPLICATION】- Coin sorter machine is ideal for shops, charities, schools, public transportation, bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food restaurants, taxi companies, and most places that need to handle a lot of coins.

Key Features
High Hopper Capacity
Make fast work of large volumes of coins rapid 315-345 coin-per-minute counting pace, the large upper hopper can handle up to 1100 coins at once.

Effortlessly Sort Coin
Using coin boxes can effectively identify and classify each denomination of coins.

LCD & Simple Control
LCD, bright digital display. Easy-to-use control interface for smooth operation and view the coin value.

Self-inspection function
Change counter features Self-inspection function. Have a coin detect sensor to select out stained or damaged coins.

Compact & Lightweight
The coin organizer is Small and lightweight. Perfect for installation in your store, truck, or anywhere you might need it!

Various Application
Automatically sort and count mixed coins. Calculate all US coins, coin counters and sorters are ideal for commercial and public institutions, such as financial systems, banks, bus stations, supermarkets, subways, shops.

Brand: VEVOR
Input: 220V; 50Hz
Coin Type: UK(Pound)
Hopper Capacity: Max.1100 Coins
Coin Drawer Capacity: 120-450 Coins
Speed: 315-345 Coins/Min
Power: ≤45W
Product Weight: 4.2kg / 9.2LB

Package Contents
1 X Coin Counter Machine
1 X User Manual

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