VEVOR 600W Mini Metal Turning Lathe Woodworking Machine Digital Bench Top Metalworking

VEVOR 600W Mini Metal Turning Lathe Woodworking Machine Digital Bench Top Metalworking

This 600W miniature lathe is a benchtop lathe that is designed to perform various types of metal, jade, and woodturning. It is ideal equipment for single-processing or small batch production and can be used in areas such as mini precision parts processing, sample processing, and modeling works in Industry and school teaching, vehicle maintenance, home maintenance, scientific research units. It is also perfect for hobbyists and modelers who is looking to add finite detail to their construction project.

Whether you’re turning, counter facing, or making bushings, spindles, prototypes, or models, this precision mini lathe will meet the challenge.


1.Read the manual carefully before opening the package

2.Make sure the machine is leveled before Power on the machine.

3.Make sure that the gap between the middle plate or guide is moderate, not too small. Moving the plate by swiving the wheel to make sure the plate can move smoothly

4. .Before starting up, make sure that the voltage is within the working voltage range(230V +/- 10% or 120V+/- 10% base on the products you bought ).

5. The cutting amount should be controlled within 1.5 mm for steel or iron, 3 mm for Aluminum or copper to prevent damage to the motor or the motor circuit board due to overload.

Suitable for turnings of metal, wood, jade, etc.
Ideal for use in labs, workshops, engineering and education.
Can be turned within foreign aid, turning thread, turning taper and so on.
Product advantages
This micro lathe with a number of an electronic control system for the magnetic induction digital single-chip control the transition wheel system can be 2-speed mechanical speed
Emergency shutdown: Just take the red cover to shut, which is very safe.
Telescopic sets with scale, you can intuitively see the length of the telescopic handle scale, precise scaling can be digitally standardized or adjusted by lateral movement.
By adjusting the speed switch, the spindle speed can be adjusted from 50 to 2500RPM.
Equipped with all-metal gears of strong power, this machine is wear-resistant, durable, more accurate rotation and in particular, more precise, accurate and professional.
Bed saddle tail scale precision, feed more precise fine-tuning, telescopic sleeve scale practical.
An automatic tool with multi-function and usage, infinitely variable.


CE certification.
DC motor is driven.
Stepless speed regulation.
High-frequency quenched slideway.
Metal gears, metal shell, metal handwheel, All metal gear without any plastic parts.
The variable spindle speed of 50-1250/100-2500RPM.
Prism bed guides inductively hardened and precision ground
Speed infinitely variable, easy to read via digital speed display.
Spindle bearings use precise tapered roller bearings.
Rails have been quenched with high frequency and elaborate milling.
The spindle can be adjusted to positive and reverse rotation.
600w strong power, 300mm processing distance.
High precision, able to turn out standard qualified works.


Power: 600W, 220V/50Hz
Distance Between Centers: 300mm
Swing Over Bed: 180mm
Swing Over Cross Slide: 95mm
Width of Bed: 100mm
Taper of Spindle Bore: MT3
Spindle Bore: 21mm
Range of Spindle Speeds: 50-2500RPM
Range of Longitudinal Feeds: 0.08-0.16mm
Range of Threads: 10-44T.P.I (0.5-3mm)
Top Slide Travel: 55mm
Cross Slide Travel: 75mm
Tailstock Quill Travel: 60mm
Taper of Tailstock Quill: MT2
Gross Weight: 68kg (149.6lbs)
Package Dimensions: 780*480*420mm (31”*19”*17”)

Package Content

1 X Mini Lathe
1 X 3-jaw Chuck (100mm)
1 X Splash Guard
1 X Chip Tray
1 X Toolbox
1 X English User Manual

Tool Box Accessories
5 X Change Gears
3 X External Jaws
1 X Fasten Thimble
1 X Oil Can
1 X Chuck Wrench
5 X Hexagon Wrenches
2 X Screwdrivers

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