VEVOR 250KG Output Stainless Steel Meat Cutting Machine Meat Cutter Slicer Dicer

VEVOR 250KG Output Stainless Steel Meat Cutting Machine Meat Cutter Slicer Dicer

This commercial meat cutting machine, with full stainless steel construction, is easy to help you to solve the troubles of meat cutting, convenient and labor-saving. It operates at a low decibel and is suitable for a wide range of environments, allowing you to enjoy the entire process of cutting meat. It is widely used in the kitchen, restaurants, supermarket, meat market, and other food processing enterprises.
Features & Details
【PREMIUM QUALITY】- Featuring a sleek, eye-catching design, this meat slicer is made of full stainless steel material. The food-grade stainless steel outer casing is waterproof and easy to clean.
【SAFETY & RELIABILITY】- This commercial meat slicer comes with a large feeding throat, attached with a safety protection baffle to prevent accidental injury of hands. It is equipped with an emergency stop button for enhanced safety.
【HIGH EFFICIENCY】- 22 sets / 44 pieces of blades are made of durable 3Cr13 stainless steel, featuring strong hardness, able to cut the meat into 0.12-inch-thick slicers. The 850-watt copper core motor ensures a high rotating speed of blades and a large cutting capacity of 330.7 lbs (150 kg) per hour.
【CONSIDERATE DETAILS】- The convenient stainless steel side handles to facilitate the easy lifting and carrying of the machine; The non-slip feet guarantee the stability of the meat slicer machine during operation; Multiple air vents help dissipate heat and prolong the useful life of the electric cutting machine.
【WIDE APPLICATION】- Various types of meat can be processed into meat slices and shredded meat (second processing of meat slices), including pork, beef, mutton chicken, fish, etc.

Key Features

Stainless Steel Material
This meat cutting machine commercial adopts a food-grade high-quality stainless steel body. The seamlessly welded design can effectively resist internal pressure, durable and not easy to deformed.

Considerate Feeding Throat
Equipped with a large feeding throat, perfect for large pieces of meat. A safety protection baffle attached to the top of the opening, to prevent hands from injured.

Sharp Blade Set
The sharp blades are made of special 3Cr13 stainless steel, with strong hardness, including 22 sets/44 pieces. The thickness of the cut pieces is 0.12” (3.0 mm).

Powerful Copper Motor
An 850W high-power copper core motor is adopted, with high rotating speed and long-term use, allowing a high cutting capacity of 330.7 lbs (150 kg) per hour.

Well-Designed Details
Two side handles to assist in lifting and carrying for convenient movement; Non-slip rubber feet for enhanced stability; emergency stop button to ensure safety; multiple air vents for fast heat dissipation.

Wide Application
The first feeding can turn the meat into slices, and the second feeding into shredded meat. It is suitable for any meat which is not with bones and freeze, including chicken, fish, mutton, beef, etc.


Power: 850W
Capacity: 330.7 lbs/h (150 kg/h)
Slicer Thickness: 0.12” (3.0 mm)
Blade Quantity: 22Sets/44Pcs
Net Weight: 63.9 lbs (29 kg)
Product Dimensions: 17.7”x12.2”x16.3” (45x31x41.5 cm)

Package Content

1 x Meat cutting Machine
1 x Whetstone

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